Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

Taking the customer satisfaction as the highest virtue and through incessant technical innovation and quality improvement activities, our company set up and implement the following food safety policy and objective with a mission that the product that I make is eaten by my family.

Food Safety Policy and Objective


We are exerting our efforts for new flavor and production of safe food.

Food Safety Policy
  • We take the “Food Safety” as the highest priority virtue for all the products we make.
  • We make the customers moved by new taste and flavor and realize the value higher than the customers.
  • We perform our duty with a sense of mission that “the product I make is eaten by my family."
Food Safety Objective
  • “Establishing the Food Safety Operating System” through the implementation of food safety management system.
  • “Promoting and Operating the Management Personnel of Food Safety” through strengthening education and training as to food safety.
  • “Minimizing the Customer Complaint and Claim” through proactive implementation of TPM, task distribution group activities.