CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

A friendly company customers trust for its safe food products

Dear customers who sent continued affection and encouragement,
We truly thank for visiting the homepage of HEECHANG Dairy & Food Co., Ltd.

To reward the trust that you customers have shown, we will become a food company putting highest priority on the food safety management system to provide safe and excellent products, and incessantly studying and innovating for the creation of values that satisfies the customers.

To be recognized as an entity like a friend close to the customers,
the family members of us, HEECHANG Dairy & Food Co., Ltd.

promise to become a company communicating with the customers with continuous dialogue, a company trusted for its cooperation with various companies in a number of industries achieving the advancement in the food cultures

Please let us have the same unchanged affection and encouragement

even in the future which we wish to open together with you, customers. Thank you.