HR Principle

Basically giving priority in exploring and promoting the internal talent with excellency, we provide equal opportunity for development, and exercise fair evaluation and its reflection based on the job performance.
  • Equal Opportunity
    Equal Opportunity

    We provide equal opportunity in the development implemented with the purpose pursuant to the creation of company’s management performance and self-development.

  • Internal Talent Promotion
    Internal Talent Promotion

    With the principle of laying emphasis on and promoting the internal talent, those talent with verified job capability and competency shall be classified as leader level and selected for continuous fostering and as per the situational and medium to long term strategical changes possibility of appropriate recruiting of needed outside talent shall also be under consideration.

  • Appraisal
    Appraisal/ reflection based on the performance

    Appraisal shall be implemented with objectivity and fairness based on the result of the evaluation of performance and capability and so shall be reflected.

Ideal Talent

A talent with ardor for works and proper hierarchy of values and incessantly challenging and growing with sense of responsibility and professionalism.
Sense of professionalism, Hierarchy of Values, Ideal Talent, Responsibility, Ardor

Promotion of Talent

Growth of Individual and Company
Principles of 5 Major Human Resources Development

Recruitment Notice

We are recruiting by putting up the recruitment notice at our homepage, recruitment sites and etc. in case the need arises for the reinforcement of personnel. (Differentiate between new and career employee)

Application Method

  • 01

    Evaluation of Documents

  • 02


  • 03

    Physical Examination

    - Health Inspection
    - Hygiene Certificate

  • 04

    Final Pass

Documents to Submit

  • Job Application Form (Including Self Introduction) – Prescribed form of our company.
  • Graduate certificate and the transcript of the final education (The graduate school graduates must submit the graduate certificate of the undergraduate school and its transcript as well.)
  • Career certificate – Submit when joining the company
  • Copy of license and other certificates for qualification – Submit when joining the company
  • Resident registration certificate – Submit when joining the company
  • Resident registration draft (Details of military service to be mentioned.) – Submit when joining the company
  • Copy of bankbook of the Industrial Bank of Korea – Submit when joining the company
  • One set of personal ID picture
  • Other documents required by the company

Probation period

  • It may be adjusted following the qualification of individual staff members within a 3 month period.
  • In the event it is judged that due to his or her personality, knowledge, function, work attitude, health conditions and etc. it is not appropriate for the person to continue working during the probation period, the recruitment may be cancelled.
  • Probation period shall be included in the service period.

※ Job application is received via email. Inquiry telephone no. : +82-55-911-3012